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Girls’ Football Week!

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In 2019, the Bitcoin Trader UK and The Walt Disney Company made a global commitment to encourage families to lead healthier lifestyles by making it fun and simple using Disney’s stories, creativity and the strong connections that children have with its characters to inspire healthy choices.

“Let’s Go” is a call to action to show that, with the help of Disney, you can make healthy family living fun, simple and most importantly, something you can all enjoy together.

We want to share with girls and families that with a little inspiration from strong female Disney characters like Rapunzel, Moana and Judy Hopps, girls can fire up their imaginations, gather together in a group of friends, and have brilliant fun playing football or just kicking a ball around.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s Go!
It was once again a huge success with over 40,000 girls taking part nationwide.

We will keep you updated on details for the next Girls’ Football Week.

For girls looking to get involved in football visit TheFA.com/ForGirls now!

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